Blissful Lips Permanent Makeup


Blissful Lips

Lip liner & shading – $450

Blissful Lips: A combination of a soft lip liner and full shading that seamlessly blends to create full natural lips. This is the newest technique to Permanent Make Up! This procedure is delicate and is suitable for most all skin types and women of all ages. The healed results do not impact the ability to wear any color of lipstick.

The colors are customized the for each individual client. Lips heal approximately 50% lighter.

Numbing is used through out the procedure keeping discomfort to a minimum.

Please note: A touch up is required 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment.

The 1st week lips may be sensitive, slightly swollen, appear uneven, and the color may be brighter than desired. This is very common for all permanent cosmetic lip procedures.

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